Participatiekompas wijst de weg naar kennis en ervaringen over patiënten-/cliëntenparticipatie


Participatiekompas serves as a compass for information on patient participation in
research, policy and quality of healthcare. The website incorporates knowledge from
publications with descriptions of case studies and personal experiences from the people
involved. Furthermore, provides access to methods and tools that
can help to effectively integrate patient participation into daily practice. The website was
designed to support patients, health care professionals and researchers in patient
participation. is an initiative of the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research
and Development (ZonMw), the VSB Fonds and PGOsupport.
Several (umbrella) organizations for patients, researchers and healthcare providers were
represented in the project group and contributed to the design and content of the

Patient participation
Patient participation involves the introduction and utilization of specific experiential
knowledge of patients in research or (quality of) healthcare. The main objective of
patient participation is to improve the relevance and/or the quality of a certain product,
initiative or healthcare service. Patients can participate on different levels of influence,
ranging from (single) consultation to full control with the patient party.

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